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    The Best Years of Your Life?

    I have heard the phrase, “these will be the best years of your life!” about one hundred times. The fact of the matter is, the people telling me this were usually wrong. How can we pinpoint when someone will be in their best years? One person might find it to be when they were 18. Others might find it to be while they watch their kids grow up, or finally make it to retirement. I have learned to try and make every year, the best. The first time I remember hearing this phrase was from my piano teacher during my freshman year of high school. Every lesson we had she…

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    I’m in a What?

     I laughed at the idea that came out of my friend’s mouth freshman year. A sorority? If anything I was anti-sorority. Anti is a strong word, but I didn’t think it was something that was “me.” Me and my preconceived ideas left me thinking a sorority would be all sorts of wrong. I wouldn’t form true friendships because everyone would be competing with each other. All of which I found out to be untrue, when I joined Delta Gamma. I spent my freshman year watching all my friends join the same house. They all found an even larger group of friends and a support system. I was thankful that they…

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    Traveling for the Soul

    If I am not going to school, doing homework, or working you can find me researching new places to go. My life goal is to travel to all the National Parks in the United States. I also want to travel to as many different countries as possible. To me there is something that is extremely inspiring from being in nature. It is the time where I can relax and breathe. I get to take in the world that is surrounding me. I recently had the opportunity to go on a trip with some of my closest friends. Over my past fall break I went to the Black Hills. It was…