Traveling for the Soul

If I am not going to school, doing homework, or working you can find me researching new places to go. My life goal is to travel to all the National Parks in the United States. I also want to travel to as many different countries as possible.

To me there is something that is extremely inspiring from being in nature. It is the time where I can relax and breathe. I get to take in the world that is surrounding me.

I recently had the opportunity to go on a trip with some of my closest friends. Over my past fall break I went to the Black Hills. It was a spontaneous 9 hour road trip and if that doesn’t help you bond with people, I’m not sure what will. We thought we were prepared for the weather that was ahead. Turns out, we weren’t instead we had a full day of never ending snow. This made hiking slightly more difficult and a new challenge. It did ruin a few of our views, but overall it was a nice change from the Iowa dry fall.

The greatest trip I went on though was after my freshman year of college. My best friend, Annie, and I packed up her sisters car and set across the United States. We slept in a tent and quickly learned how to start a fire in the wild. We went to The Badlands, The Grand Tetons, Arches, and Zion National Park. All of these places were beautiful in their own way.

The Tetons were lush and green. Mountains peaking into the sky and still covered in snow. These beautiful mountains hidden outside the small town of Jackson Hole. It was relatively cold for being mid-July. Climbing the Grand Teton was a rush. We climbed up as skiers were hiking back down. Wyoming has the sweet charm of the West. It was a place that I could see myself retiring to eventually. Especially if I am looking for a simple easy life.

Zion was the opposite. Scorching 100 degree heat and red rock for miles on miles ahead. Nothing to your left or right for the foreseeable future. The hikes were also a lot more dangerous. Angel’s Landing is one of the most popular destinations. It has also been the sight of some unfortunate hikers downfall. The name comes from legend that only an Angel could have gotten to the end peak. Everyone surely should have died by then. Alas, we didn’t make it all the way because of dehydration and a couple already close calls.

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